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Dry Ice Cleaning and Surface Preparation

Environmentally safe and responsible industrial cleaning solutions.

Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice blasting solutions offer a more effective alternative to other methods such as abrasive, soda, and sand blasting. Dry ice blasting, also called dry ice cleaning, is an environmentally responsible cleaning and surface preparation technique.

Sidewalk / Anti-Graffiti Cleaning

Cleaning with dry ice blasting provides a safer and faster alternative, which is completely dry, non-toxic, and does not create a secondary waste stream.

Restoration / Mold Remediation

Dry ice blasting is proven to be a more efficient and time saving
solution in remediation and restoration projects. The process
is non-abrasive, eliminates manual cleaning methods and does
not produce secondary waste, which reduces the amount of
time spent on encapsulation, waste collection and disposal.

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